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Develop Consistency In Your Ball Striking With 3 Simple Steps

Free Training: Discover how the F.C.R (Face, Contact, & Release) method can help you develop consistency in your ball striking without the frustration of fixing your swing all on your own. 

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The Three Positions The Club Face Must Be In

When you master the three must-have clubface positions you will no longer rely on timing. You will be able to deliver the club consistently every time. 

How To Achieve A Consistent Strike

Fixing contact problems can be hard. Let me teach you how to correct any contact errors. (ex. Shanks, Heel, and Toe)

How To Properly Release The Club

90% of golfers have a release pattern that is timing-based. Learn the proper release pattern and your consistency will dramatically improve. 

STOP Wasting Time On Random Tips

In this FREE course I will teach you: 

  1. What specific swing changes you need to make to change your ball flight or curve. 
  2. How you can leverage wrist angles to position your clubface to draw or fade the ball. 
  3. The best way to shallow out your swing plane.
  4. How to eliminate the double-cross.
  5. The strategy to hitting more greens in regulation (GIR).

Building a repeatable golf swing is my focus. Helping my clients lower their scores is my business.  

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