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High-Performance Golf Coach | Director of Instruction | Husband | Dad | Entrepreneur

Hello! I'm Wade

High-Performance Golf Coach | Director of Instruction | Husband | Dad | Entrepreneur

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About Me 

You've been taught golf all wrong...

Most golfers are way too focused on creating a perfect golf swing, hitting the ball straighter, and or trying to shoot their next lowest score.

Here is the pain point for most golfers. 

They keep trying to hit more fairways and greens, all while attempting to stick the ball closer to the pin in hopes of making more pars and birdies. 

Therefore, their range sessions are all about their golf swing and perfecting a straight ball flight. 

This is the longest route to your best scores. 

Here is the unspoken secrete golf professionals aren't telling you...

The best way to improve your scores is to focus on improving your worst rounds of golf, not your best.

Now, this may seem backward but let me prove it to you. 

Answer a few questions: 

  1. When you don't achieve your lowest score, do you notice it coming down to one to three holes?  
  2. Do you see that your biggest misses add the most strokes to your round? (ex. OB ball, shanked shots, fat chip shots, 3-putts, and so on...) 
  3. How can trying to hit the ball straighter and closer to the hole overcome your biggest misses?
  4. How can trying to hit more fairways overcome hitting two to three shots out of bounds? 

This is how 99% of golfers think, and golf professionals aren't helping you change this mindset. 

The solution is lowering your absolute worst rounds, not your best.

The key is correcting your worst misses, not attempting to hit the ball straighter. 

Let's take a look at a 20, 5, Scratch, and +3 handicap player and compare their biggest possible misses off the tee as an example. 

Picture the types of poor shots each player might hit. 

What player has the worst miss, and what player has the best miss? 

Of course, the +3 handicap has the better miss; however, they still consider it a miss. 

It's just doesn't cause big numbers on the scorecard because their misses don't go out of bounds as often as a 20 handicap player does. 

It's unbelievable that this isn't being taught! 

Your practice way too much and are incredibly inefficient. 

Most golfers think you need to spend 2-3 hours each practice session to see results. 

Now it's true the more you practice, the more results you can potentially see. 

However, it's more important to practice effectively and efficiently. 

Most golf instructors don't teach you the importance of practice.

They especially don't teach you how to be effective and time-efficient. 

If you want to 10X your results when you practice, you need to understand one critical mindset.

100% your past instructor has never taught you when to focus on swing performance vs. ball performance. 

Sometimes we don't need to focus on ball performance, but instead, we need to focus on swing/movement pattern performance. 


For example, fixing a slice may be a two-step process to correct the problem. 

Sometimes the first step doesn't yield any results on the flight of the golf ball. 

The golf ball may even fly worse. 

However, when the second step is finally completed, you will see the results in the ball's flight. 

If your only idea of success is what the golf ball did, you will stop practicing or quit. 

Sound familiar? 

This is a frustrating way to practice golf because we all know that little white ball doesn't always fly the way we want it to. 

That ball won't tell you if you are moving your hips correctly into the backswing.  

Good news! 

You will learn all of the above when you take a lesson with me. 

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