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Most golf instruction doesn't give clear direction by the end of the lesson. 

Have you ever taken a lesson that left you confused, overwhelmed, and lost as to what you need to do next?

I sure have...

Does any of these statements describe you?

  • I left the lesson with no clear direction.
  • The lesson was too complicated.
  • The lesson lacked substance.¬†
  • I didn't know what to do on the range the next day.¬†
  • I had too many things to think about.¬†
  • I didn't see any progress.

I've had way too many lessons that left me either overwhelmed or confused as to how I was going to get better. 

Most golf instruction looks like this:

  • The golf instructor looks at your swing (maybe with a video camera)
  • Shows you what you're doing wrong.
  • Has you hit a few balls trying to correct your problem.
  • Give you one or two drills.

That's it...

Now if you've never had a performance-driven golf lesson, that might seem normal to you. 

Let me just tell you, you are missing out! 

Let's take a look at what a performance driven golf lesson looks like and how it can 10X your results

Here is a quick overview of what a premium golf lesson looks like:

  1. Arrival: Warm-Up 
  2. Swing Analysis
  3. New Movement Pattern Demonstration
  4. Feedback Training Loop
  5. Self Coaching Training
  6. Drill Application
  7. Practice Plan Generation

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Tod Bezner


The following will happen during your analysis: 

  1. TPI Assessment (Body Swing Analysis)
  2. Video Analysis
  3. Risk of Injury Assessment
  4. TrackMan Analysis 
  5. 3D Motion Capture Analysis (If Applicable)

Never Forget

With the use of an app called Coach Now you will never forget what you learned during your lessons. Each lesson will include the following content: 

  • Swing Analysis
  • Movement Patter Explanation and Demonstration 
  • Drills and Exercises
  • Practice and Training Plan

Hot Mic

Every time I teach something important the cameras are rolling. 


The Feedback Loop 

The Feedback loop is my number one tool I teach every client to 10X their results. 

Learn How To Self Coach Yourself

How many times have you taken a lesson and forgot what you learned the next day?

This happens to every golfer…

The reason golfers have trouble applying what they learned from their lesson is because they weren't taught how to self-coach themself. 

In your lesson, you will learn how to self-coach so you 10X your results!

Instant Access To Your Drills

Here is a sample video of a drill that was prescribed to this client. All drills are uploaded to your Coach Now account. 


Follow Up: The lessons doesn't end after 60 minutes

I believe it's extremely important you have access to me to follow up on any of the content from the lesson. Through the Coach Now app you will be able to: 

  • Send me follow-up videos.
  • Ask questions
  • Receive quick replies 

Have A Plan: No more wasting time on the range

With every lesson, we will develop an action plan that is easy to follow. This way you will have clear direction to follow in between lessons. 

What my clients are saying...

It's Time To Play Your Best Golf!

Unlock your potential with personalized one on one coaching now.

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There are two types of golf lessons...

Most lessons leave you confused and with no clear direction. 

The best lessons end with a massive amount of progress and a clear action plan that guides you into reaching your goals. 

Do you want results that have long-term effects? 

Right now you may feel stuck in a rut in your golf game. 

You may even feel discouraged because you can't see a clear path to reaching your goals. 

You've tried YouTube and several instructors but have seen little to no results. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

When you hire me as your coach you will no longer be lost or discouraged in your journey to gain massive success in your golf game. 

Imagine one year from today...

You have developed a golf swing you can rely on every time you sep on the golf course. 

Imagine a short game that allows you to get up and down almost every time you miss a green. 

What if you could finally break 100, 90, 80, or even 70 for the first time. 

You could walk on the practice area every time with a custom practice plan that allows you to 10X your results. 

You can develop the golf game you have always wanted. 

Schedule your evaluation and let's get to work! 

Your Golf Game Could Change Forever!

Unlock the path to your best golf ever, and STOP wasting money on a golf coach without a plan.

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