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Should You Change Your Backswing? | 4 Key Backswing Swing Positions


Should You Change Your Backswing?

Let's look at the 4 Key Golf Swing Positions you should change to create insane consistency.

What if you could change your backswing in 4 simple steps to gain a massive amount of consistency?

In this video, you'll learn:

1. How to create width in the backswing.

2. How to create a solid arm position at the top.

3. How to get your shaft on the plane at the top.

4. How to change your wrist angles to manipulate ball flight.

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0:00 Preview

0:08 What You'll Learn

0:12 How To Create Power With Width

0:50 Create Width Drill

1:56 Consistency Key | Arm Structure

4:17 Ball Flight Control | Wrist Angles

6:59 Get On Plane At The Top

7:51 How To Practice The Backswing

8:32 Download Your Practice Plan


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