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Swing Analysis

You will receive a custom swing analysis by Wade using an app called Coach Now. All you have to do is post your videos, and he will analyze your swing and create a customized plan.

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Training Programs & Drills

You will be issued training programs focused on developing skills. Developing the correct habits is vital; therefore, each plan focuses on developing long-lasting habits.

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Consistent communication

Communication is vital through the learning and training process. Through the Coach Now app, you can ask questions and send videos for analysis anytime. When You ask a question, you will receive a response within 24 hours. Your response will include a video of Wade answering your questions.


Personalized Coaching


  The Process

  1. Video Call (initial meeting)

  2. Physical Screen/Evaluation

  3. Create clear and precise goals

  4. Download the Coach Now app.

  5. Gather video content for further evaluation

  6. Wade will send overall game analysis

  7. You will receive training pods to start your training.

  8. Consistent communication

  9. Re-evaluation ever month

  10. Create new plan and execute the plan


Stay Connected On Any Device

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Download the app on the app store (Click On The Picture Below). Don't create an account until you receive an email invitation to your training space from Wade. In the email will be a code you will type into the app. When you open the app, it will ask you if you want to sign up or if you were invited. Click I was invited and enter the code from the email. Your account will be created and link you to your coach's account. Watch the video below to understand how to navigate your app.




Next Level of Coaching 

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Meet Your Coach


About Wade

I've been teaching for 6 Years now and have 18 Years of golf experience. I teach about 1,200 lessons every year. My passion is growing the game of golf by helping clients play their best. I'm always seeking new information to help become a better instructor. I'm certified in the following:

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-Swing Analysis Video

-Lesson Notes


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-Weekly Swing Analysis

-Weekly Drills

-Training Video Series

-Consistent Communication

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