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Hello my name is Lainey Cristan and I reside in Lubbock Texas.  I currently attend Frenship High School which is classified as a school 6A district.  I made the girls varsity golf team as a freshman.  I competed in several high school tournaments as well as participated in several NTPGA golf tournaments in 2017 and 2018.   I attend golf training sessions with Wade Fullingim at the 4ore Golf Academy located in Lubbock, TX.  These training sessions focus on swing techniques, putting, golf course management, and strength and conditioning.  I also utilize the Trackman technology to assess and refine my golf swing. 

My goal is to continue my golf career at the collegiate level and beyond.  I am focused on improving my golf skills, knowledge, and mentality to attain this goal.  I plan to achieve this through hard work and perseverance.    My favorite quote that helps me reflect my hard work comes from Arnold Palmer, “Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.”

Outside of golf, I participate in my church’s youth group.  This allows me to focus on other aspects in life outside of golf. 


ACT: September 2019

SAT: September 2019

GPA: 3.6


About Lainey

Lainey is one of the most dedicated student in my academy. Her focus and work ethic is impressive. She has many skills that most kids don't. She has course management and mapping skills. We use golf steady yardage books for our tournament prep. Learning to flight the ball low in the scoring yardages was key to helping her lower her scores. She can hit it high and low and has the ability to fade and draw the ball on command. Her current weakness is finding her own pace during tournaments. She tends to let other girls influence her routine. That is something we are working hard on. Another weakness is her putting. Her fundamentals are solid but now are focus in on the mind. She is working hard everyday to strengthen her mind. She knows that building confidence and believing she is the best putter is key. Our main goal for 2019 is: “Turn putting into my strength, and having extreme confidence.”

Swing Notes

Currently we are working on a better impact position. She tends to early extend and release the club too much through the impact zone. We want to be able to control yardages better and we know to do that we need to control loft at impact. Her current position at impact makes that hard. Therefore, we are focusing on better pelvis, torso, arms, and club positions at impact.

Overall Game Notes

To lower her scores we focus on getting the ball in play off the tee and really focus on GIR. Our current goal is to hit 11+ greens per round. We have found if she hits 11+ Greens she can break 80. Breaking 80 will also become easer as we eliminate the amount of three putts she has per round. Every Month she is getting better with her lag putting. We know it’s just experience she needs.

If their are any questions please call: (806) 241-6290


April 8, 2018 NTPGA - Reese Golf Center - 84

June 11, 2018 NTPGA- Gaines County - 84

June 26, 2018 NTPGA- Andrews County Golf Course- 95

July 1, 2018 -Texas Tech Golf Camp- 39

July 9, 2018 NTPGA- Tascosa Golf Course- 82

July 11, 2018- Meadowbrook Golf Course- 82

July 16, 2018- Hillcrest Country Club- 82

July 24, 2018- Green Tree Country Club- 93

August 6, 2018- Ross Rogers Golf Complex- 85

Tournament Schedule

Contact Lainey Cristan: (806) 407-0919

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