Weapons Check


Weapons Check is an exercise/game that teaches you how to diversify off the tee box. Instead of hitting your standard driver shot off every tee box you will be challenged to find different “weapons” or shots to help you find the fairway.



This exercise is pure creativity. You need to find your go-to shot when you are under pressure. That could be a 20-yard fade or 20-yard hook. It could be a low stinger off the tee by teeing the ball low. Try hitting your 3-wood and see if you are any more accurate. Try a Knockdown \stinger 3-wood where you place the ball in the middle of your stance.

If you are in the army, you will usually have three weapons with you. First, is your main rifle (Standard Driver Shot). Second, you will have your pistol on your hip (ex. Knock Down Driver). Third, you will have a hidden pistol just in case (ex. 3-wood or knock down 3-wood).

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