4 To 1 Chipping Zones is a game designed to develop the verity of shots to a specific landing location. It diversifies your shot selection so that you will have more options.  You will be using four different clubs to hit each landing zone.



Pick a spot on your practice chipping green with a distance of 5-7 Yards off the edge. Place a club, alignment rod, string, or some marking tool three paces on the green from the front edge. Then walk three paces and place another marking tool. Place five marking tools that creates four zones. Each landing zone will be three paces apart. (See picture below.) You will hit four shot to the first location as follows:

·       1st shot: Most Lofted (ex. 60 degree wedge)

·       2nd shot: Next club (ex. 54 degree wedge)

·       3rd shot: Next Club (ex. 50 degree wedge)

·       4th shot: Next Club (ex. PW)

After hitting four shots to the first location repeat on the following three locations. If you do not have the listed clubs above start with your most lofted and move up from there.



The scoring goes as follows:

·       You receive one point for one shot landing in the zone.

·       You receive two points for two consecutive shots.

·       You receive three points for three consecutive shots.

·       You receive four points for four consecutive shots.

·       You receive only one point if the shot isn’t consecutive.


The highest possible score is: 40 Points


Challenge your friends and see who can score the highest.